How to format an APA style paper?

Writing a thing on a particular topic is different than English writing whereas science writing is direct, concise, and bright. These sections include some suggestion keys from APA which help in formulating research. Some people may not know about how to write a term paper in APA format. Before we start, you have to get some knowledge about APA. APA stands for American Psychological Association. This is used to write anything on paper by using the proper format. Many people use guidelines and standard of APA.

The guidelines were used to create your citation in APA format. Here are some guidelines:

  • Use 8.5 X 11″ Paper
  • You have to make the margins on the top, bottom, and sides
  • The first word of every paragraph should be of one and a half inch
  • Time new roman font should be us, size 12
  • The entire paper is of double space
  • At the top of every page, you need to use header which is known as “running head.” To make this, there is a process which helps you in creating these components on each page.
  • To create a running head, insert page number to the right side of the paper.
  • Don’t use p. Or pg. for writing page number.
  • Write the title in capital letters.
  • In a case, if your title is long then using the shorten version of running head.
  • The title plays a central role in the essay. You have to keep in mind that doesn’t use those words which have no use in the title.
  • The title should be in the center of the page.
  • Don’t use underline, italicize, or bold for the title.
  • The word limit should be less the 12 words whether it covers two lines.
  • Don’t use the Mr. or Dr. with the author’s name.
  • The author researches institution affiliation.


There are some rules of writing synopsis:

  • On the page, the first word after the title is abstract which is in the center.
  • You have to write a summary of the crucial points of your topic. The abstract is used to introduce the reader to topic.
  • There are some thesis statement should be written and finding some conclusion.
  • The word limit is less than 250 words with double-space.
  • If you think that there are some essential keywords in the essay then making it bold.

These are two things guidelines and abstract, which help you in writing a term paper in APA format.